Wiki Weapons Guide wiki wiki provides the information about weapons in detail. In the game, each character has a certain weapon. Players can choose their weapon selections without entering the game maps. There are 13 primary weapons and 5 secondary weapons in the game. is a free-to-play online shooting game, which has accumulated the entire world’s fame and appreciation. Players get a chance to play the game with their family as well as friends. Each player has to follow a code of conduct in the game. So, there are maximum chances that you can grow international friends on the platform. It is quite a fun-filled and amazing game.

How to Play Shooter Game?

Here is how you can play the game:

  • First and foremost, players should search for the “” game on the Google platform. Then, you must find out the accurate result and then start the game.
  • It is a multiplayer online game that has various modes. You can either choose any of the preset modes or set a mode for yourself.
  • It is quite important to know that the game is a web browser-based game. There is no Android or iOS mobile app for the shooter game.
  • There are also multiple sliders and sensitivity settings of the game. Set them as per your requirements. wiki wiki provides the weapons which are listed below.

Primary Weapons

  • Combat Knife: Melee=50 / Thrown= 180
  • Sniper Rifle: Headshot: 163.5 / Bodyshot: 109 / Limbshot: 54.5
  • Assault Rifle: Headshot: 34.5 / Bodyshot: 23 / Limbshot: 11.5
  • Akimbo Uzi: Headshot: 21 / Bodyshot: 14 / Limbshot: 7
  • Desert Eagle: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Machine Gun: Headshot: 27 / Bodyshot: 18 / Limbshot: 9
  • Semi Auto: Headshot: 50 / Bodyshot: 32 / Limbshot: 16
  • Shotgun: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Rocket Launcher: Direct: 50 / Splash: 35
  • Revolver: Headshot: 99 / Bodyshot: 66 / Limbshot: 33
  • Famas: Headshot: 42 / Bodyshot: 28 / Limbshot: 14
  • Crossbow: 200
  • Blaster: 35
  • Build Tool: None
  • Submachine Gun: Headshot: 27 / Bodyshot: 18 / Limbshot: 9

Secondary Weapons

  • Desert Eagle: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Alien Blaster: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Auto Pistol: Headshot: 16 / Bodyshot: 16 / Limbshot: 8
  • Sawed Off: Headshot: 18 / Bodyshot: 12 / Limbshot: 6
  • Pistol: Headshot: 30 / Bodyshot: 20 / Limbshot: 10

Wiki Platform of the Game

There is a Wikipedia page of the game. The platform encompasses all the information you need to understand the basics of the game. There is so much complex information available about the game.

On the wiki page, you can find the following information:

  1. Community: There is a huge community of the game. Thousands of players enthusiastically play the game. Some players like to chat and discuss various aspects of the game. game community is the best platform to befriend the enthusiast players.
  2. Weapons: There are a large number of weapons available in the game. You can read in-depth about weapons on Wiki and ace their usage.
  3. Hub: There is a complete Hub for the players. They can read about the clans, challenges, economy, and more on the game.
  4. Maps: Maps are the directions that lead you in the game. Various modes’ maps are available in the game. You can learn about the maps in the game conveniently.
  5. Miscellaneous Information: there is also other miscellaneous information available about the game. Access all information that you need in the game. is a first-person shooter game. You can avail all information about its modes, classes, weapons, maps, and more on the wiki.

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