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When you have a lot of options available to you, at that time, choosing the best one from them is a quite difficult task in So here we are to solve this problem for you, as you may be knowing that offers you several guns which you can use to shoots your enemy, there are so many options available which make players confuse that which one should be the best option for them. So let us discuss that which is the best gun.

Let us first have a look at all the available guns in game. Guns

Here is the list of guns present in game from which we will choose the best guns.

1. Primary Weapons:

    A primary weapon is a gun, which a player uses as the main gun for killing their enemies. A player can quickly swap from their primary gun to secondary gun by pressing E or Q.
  • Assault Rifle (Triggerman)
  • Sniper Rifle (Hunter)
  • Submachine Gun (Run N Gun)
  • Hands (Runner)
  • Light Machine gun (Spray N Pray)
  • Shotgun (Vince)
  • Revolver (Detective)
  • Semi-Auto (Marksman)
  • Rocket Launcher (Rocketeer)
  • Akimbo Uzi (Agent) best gun

2. Secondary Weapons:

This is the secondary weapon that a player keeps as an extra weapon. It’s used as a second preference while playing the game.

  • Pistol (Triggerman, Hunter, Vince, Marksman, Rocketeer)
  • Desert Eagle (Triggerman, Hunter, Vince, Marksman, Rocketeer)
  • Alien Blaster (Triggerman, Hunter, Vince, Marksman, Rocketeer)

3. Killstreak Weapons:

Such weapons are the extra add-on weapons.

  • Nuke (Reward obtained for scoring killstreak) Best Gun

Let us have a look at the Best Guns.

  1. Shotgun: Let us have a look at the shotgun, it is said to be the worst gun of game. Not everyone uses it because of bullet speed.
  2. Pistol: If we talk about Pistol then it is the best possible secondary weapon ever. Some pistols have a good shoot speed.
  3. Rocket Launchers: The Rocket launchers are also not so good weapons, so we can’t get them in best gun.
  4. Assault Rifle: If I have to choose the top gun from this game, then it may be the assault rifle. This is the most used weapon in game. You can shoot very quickly and quickly, but there is a high likelihood of bouncing.
  5. Akimbo Uzi: This is a type of short-range gun, and works perfectly if used for short-range only.
  6. Sniper Rifle: This rifle can be said as an all-rounder because it can be used for any range. If you shoot enemies in the head, you can kill them in one shot.
  7. Nuke: This is also a good gun and helps in killing your enemy within no time. This is a type of quick shotgun.

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