What Is Krunker.io Banned Status?

krunker.io banned

One of the popular discussions in many forums has been about being Krunker.io banned and how they can back to playing with the same account. In the Krunker.io game, if you find cheats or activities that do not follow the rules, they can ban your account. The reason for the game moderators to do this is to provide a better gaming experience.

The topic has been making the rounds from the time the game introduced the facility for hosts to ban a player from the game. Before we go into the details let us a little bit about the game.

About Krunker.io Game

Krunker.io is a game of shooting at each other with different types of guns. It is a first-person game meaning you can shoot at different people using guns. There are different types of guns that are available in the game. The more people you shoot the more points you collect and go up the level.

There are different maps that you can select while playing the game. Each map has a different plan. These maps are available for the earth, moon, and other planets. With each map, the gravitational force will be different and your jumps can take you to different heights.

krunker.io banned

What Is It About Being Krunker.IO Banned?

Players in Krunker.io can host custom games. This provision allows them to change the settings of the game. They can have other players engage in a fight with them. The person who is hosting the game can restrict the number of players. The maximum number of players that you can host is ten. You can even play with just one person and enjoy a one-to-one shooting game.

When someone Krunker.io mod during the game to score more points, the person can get Krunker.io banned status. The ban is done by the person who is hosting the custom games. If it is not a custom game, the admin can ban the person who is hacking.

If any player detects that someone is hacking, he or she can report to the admin. There should be evidence that the person is hacking. If proven that person will get Krunker.io banned. The ban is on the IP address, which means that the person cannot play again from the same IP address. The person can, of course, play as a guest. Even guests who hack can be banned.

Can A Banned Account Be Reopened?

First of all, please follow the rules of the game in order not to face a situation where your account will be banned. If your account has been banned from Krunker.io it is permanent you cannot play with the same account. But it is an IP ban and you may be able to go to your account again if you use A VPN. But according to Krunker.io, the only way is to create a new account and use that to play.

Even if you are Krunker.io banned you can still enjoy the game as a guest and have fun.

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  1. umm i got for no reason and thay call me hacker cuz i have more skin and gun and pls unban me my user is clayzone

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