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In the game, you must kill other players with your character and try to get different weapons by earning more points. This game was originally designed to be played in a web browser, but the developers of tried to make some improvements by offering them a downloadable version of the game which is called client.

When you play with client you can have some advantages and you can play the game better. Before moving further with this article, let us first know that what does Krunkerio client means?

What is Krunkerio Client? client is a type of installer with the help of which we can install the game on our computers. So this means we will be able to play this game on our Windows computers. This Krunkerio client was available for download on 10 April 2019.

One more feature is of this client is that this offers you to play this game without the usage of a web browser. This means that you will get a direct application like feature with the help of this client. client

Features of Client beta game is available with client version. Let us have a look at all the features that you will be getting with the use of Krunkerio client.

Better Quality: The first benefit of you will be getting with the help of Krunkerio client is that you will be getting higher resolutions and better frame rates. As this will be a more significant application so it will be comprised of better and more prominent features.

FPS: You might be knowing that if you are playing game on your web browser, then you would have a limited number of features and accessories. But with the use of client, you can get unlimited FPS, with the help of which your game is going to work smoother, better, and graphically excellent.

Add-ons: While playing this game with the help of your web browser, you will not have many features such as you will have limited weapons. A limited number of enemies and many such factors would be limited. But on the other hand, if you are using the client, then you will have extra add-on features such as unlimited FPS, various features, more weapons, different types of mods, crosshair, and many other add-on features.

Recording Feature: When you were playing Krunkerio game on your web browser and try to record that game, then you must have faced high lags in the game. But if you are playing game with the help of Krunkerio client, you would be able to record the game smoothly without facing any lags in the game.

System Requirements: Right now, there are no minimum requirements for the installation of this game. One needs a PC with an operating system installed on it. Although we also need a stable internet connection to play this game, as it is a multiplayer game.

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