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Have you ever heard about classes in game? If no, then let me tell you that a class is a type of different format in which a player can play his game. In each class, you will notice a change in appearance and the addition of new features. There are various classes in game, let us have a look at the best class and discuss some important features of every class. Best Class

The best player should join esports tournaments to get the prize. Players can choose a character before the game starts. There is a bunch of best class, let us discuss them all in detail. Triggerman: As it is clear from the name Triggerman, so this class is going to be intense. Under this class, you will wear a Suit, and you will have an Assault Rifle in your hand as a primary weapon, while a pistol as a secondary weapon. Hunter: Under this class, the player would be wearing a jacket and a cowboy hat. You would be getting a Sniper Rifle as a primary weapon and a pistol as the secondary weapon. You would be able to zoom in and out with the help of the sniper rifle. You would be able to fire three bullets and then you would need to reload it. best class Run n Gun: In the next class which is also one of the best class under which the player wears a type of blue colored outfit and holds a Submachine Gun as a primary gun, and this is the first class in which you don’t have a secondary rifle. The primary weapon has 24 bullets in it, and after that, you will need to reload it. Spray n Pray: In the next best class you will notice that your player will wear a green colored coat and would hold a light machine gun as a primary weapon and does not have any option for a secondary weapon. You would be offered 100 bullets in the gun, and after that, you would need to reload it. Vince: You will be offered a Shotgun as a primary weapon and a pistol as a secondary weapon. You would be provided two bullets in the shotgun after which you would have to reload it. The damaged power of the bullets is very high compared to other weapons. Detective: The next entry in the best class is this one, in which you would be offered a revolver as a primary weapon, and there would be no secondary weapon. You would have a brown coat and hat in this class. Marksman: This character uses Semi-Auto weapon but is not a fully automatic weapon. Therefore, bullets are less likely to bounce. Rocketeer: This character uses the most powerful weapon which is Rocket Launcher. This weapon blows up the target, but it is very difficult to target the enemy because the bullet goes very slowly. In addition, the reload time is much longer than other weapons. Agent: It is a character type that uses uzi as a weapon and can fire bullets very quickly. The only negative feature of this character is that the chance of bouncing bullets increases as the bullets are fired in series. Runner: This fighter has a fairly simple weapon. Just try to kill your enemies with a combat knife. This character has the advantage of running fast. Bowman: This character, as the name suggests, deals damage to enemies using a bow. With the help of binoculars, you can target enemies at a distance. Commando: This character is a player type using the Famas weapon. With this weapon, you can easily shoot medium and close enemies.

The game developers are going to add new classes into the game in the future. The new class means that new weapons will be added to the game. wiki presents the all mechanics of the game.

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