Best Guns List best guns is a fast-paced first-person shooter online game. It is a multiplayer game wherein players get to try their digital shooting skills. There are 11 different classes and multiple modes available. Players can choose to constitute their unique gameplay with customization options. So, players can choose to play the game with greater efficiency and convenience. In this article, we are going to list best guns.

It is very important to pay attention to shooting power when choosing a weapon in the game. Some weapons have very strong shell damage while others have lower shell damage.

Main Features of the Game best guns issue depends on the player’s style of play. The best weapon definition may be different for each player. Following are some of the main features of the game:

  • This is a hectic game wherein players try to survive against the other 9 players.
  • Players aim at other players for killing them. Try to master your aim before attempting to play the game.
  • There are preset modes of the game. Each player can customize the mode or enjoy the preferred mode of the game to a greater extent.
  • There are multiple types of weapons and ammunition available in the game. Each player can enjoy shooting the game by using a more lethal weapon. So, have good knowledge about best guns before playing.
  • There is also a huge collection of maps available in the game. Have proper knowledge about the best guns. best guns Best Guns

If you are aware of proper weapons, players can play the game most efficiently. Following is a complete list of the best guns:

  1. Shotgun: This is a small-sized gun that assists in wounding the next players.
  2. Pistol: This is also not a lethal weapon. It is just used as a sidearm gun.
  3. Rocket Launcher: This is also a weapon that people do not use from noobs.
  4. Semi-Auto: This is a fantastic weapon that requires a buff entirely.
  5. Desert Deagel: This weapon is similar to the revolver. It does not have any zoom or lower fire rate options. This is a small brother of the revolver.
  6. Assault Rifle: This is an all-rounder as well as a default weapon.
  7. R6 Weapon: This is a normal-range weapon that is not as lethal as other weapons listed.
  8. LMG Mounted Reloaded: This is a great weapon that has 170 health.
  9. Uzi: This weapon is only best when a player shoots another player within close range. It is not a good weapon player to shoot others in far-away or middle range.
  10. Sniper: This is a great gun if you handle it rapidly. Weapons Damage List

Primary Weapons

  • Combat Knife: Melee=50 / Thrown= 180
  • Sniper Rifle: Headshot: 163.5 / Bodyshot: 109 / Limbshot: 54.5
  • Assault Rifle: Headshot: 34.5 / Bodyshot: 23 / Limbshot: 11.5
  • Akimbo Uzi: Headshot: 21 / Bodyshot: 14 / Limbshot: 7
  • Desert Eagle: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Machine Gun: Headshot: 27 / Bodyshot: 18 / Limbshot: 9
  • Semi Auto: Headshot: 50 / Bodyshot: 32 / Limbshot: 16
  • Shotgun: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Rocket Launcher: Direct: 50 / Splash: 35
  • Revolver: Headshot: 99 / Bodyshot: 66 / Limbshot: 33
  • Famas: Headshot: 42 / Bodyshot: 28 / Limbshot: 14
  • Crossbow: 200
  • Blaster: 35
  • Build Tool: None
  • Submachine Gun: Headshot: 27 / Bodyshot: 18 / Limbshot: 9

Secondary Weapons

  • Desert Eagle: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Alien Blaster: Headshot: 75 / Bodyshot: 50 / Limbshot: 25
  • Auto Pistol: Headshot: 16 / Bodyshot: 16 / Limbshot: 8
  • Sawed Off: Headshot: 18 / Bodyshot: 12 / Limbshot: 6
  • Pistol: Headshot: 30 / Bodyshot: 20 / Limbshot: 10 best guns are the main features of the gameplay. Weapons are the essence of bot game. Without proper weapons, a player cannot stand and survive in the game.

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