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There are several FPS io games that can be enjoyed on any browser. If you like shooting games and want to play shooting games in io games, is a game for you. Before you start playing, you can prepare yourself for the game by playing demo version. Thus, when you enter the normal game, you can shoot more people and collect more KR points. Demo Graphics

Krunker game is fabulous and its graphics are quite spellbinding. It simply enhances the overall gameplay and entices players to be engaged in the game for a long time. Voxel graphics do have their own appeal and followers. Also are several popular gun mods. Hence, Krunker seems to understand its audience better and provide them with what they like & prefer.

There are many controls of demo version which are the same as the normal version. The controls are:

  • Chating: Enter
  • Voice: V
  • Moving: WASD
  • Aiming: C
  • Weapon Changing Next: Q
  • Weapon Changing Previous Weapon: E
  • Shooting: Left click
  • Zooming: Right click
  • Reload: R
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Crouch: Shift
  • Spray: F demo

Development Support

With increasing popularity, it is noticed that the developer tends to port the same to the full desktop installer or mobile. support is provided to the browser version. There are many such instances, where a browser game during the initial days of its launch enjoyed a sizeable population. However, with development started & the release of the desktop version, development & support for the browser version seemed to stop completely. With the population dropping off, so seems to be the development by its developer. But, the demo is seen to be updated frequently. Several new changes have been introduced, new character skins & exploit fixes. In the demo version, some players can try the new editor features.


If you search for demo & forums, you can come across numerous results spread over different sites. Popular sites like sub-Reddit are active with varieties of gameplays, game memes, developer updates & discussions posted throughout the day. Within the Krunker community is present healthy clan numbers including tournaments. A good number of participants are engaged in it and there is offered a grand prize along with a personalized in-game spray tag.

Hence, the term ‘best’ is considered to be subjective. If you desire to have a more tactical, more realistic, and offer a war-like experience, then Krunker is the one. But if you are looking for something that is engaging, interesting, and rewarding, then demo is an absolute must. Krunker does enjoy frequent developer updates, active community combined with classic arena-type shooter gameplay.

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